Turkey: 'It has been purchased' — Erdogan on Russian S-400 missile system

Turkey has purchased S-400 missile defence systems from Russia and they are expected to be delivered by next month, declared Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan during a group meeting of AK Party in Ankara on Wednesday. The Turkish President declared that they have «completed this mission.» Erdogan said that Turkey initially requested a similar kind of system from the US, but the request was... Еще repeatedly declined: «Dear friends, we started this process during the Obama term and we have always received the same response: 'Congress is not allowing it'. If Congress doesn't allow it, then we will take care of ourselves.» He added that the contract with Russia has been signed «with a very good deal and on top of that with the agreement of the opportunities of joint production partnership.» The statement comes amid a row with the US, as Washington warned Turkey against buying Russian missiles and announced on Monday that they halted the training of Turkish pilots on F-35 fighters at an airbase in Arizona. The US also threatened to block Ankara from purchasing said F-35 fighter jets.

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