Turkey: Istanbul residents condemn Trump's decision on Jerusalem

Residents of Istanbul responded with dismay to US President Donald Trump’s decision to formally recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. One Istanbul commuter, Mahmut Aslan issued the US with a threat of religious war. «What would we do now? Let them declare Jihad and send us to America. We would go. This is Trump's problem.” Another Istanbulite, Ali Ozturk was highly critical of US and... Еще Israeli foreign policy. He said, “Jerusalem would not be capital of Israel only because United States of America says so. If Trump insists on being an Israeli bootlicker, he could give them a piece of American land, because he is already a lapdog for them. Trump recognised Jerusalem as the capital of Israel on Wednesday in a live televised address from Washington D.C. and started the process of moving the US embassy from Tel Aviv. The decision caused an immediate outrage and fury throughout from the Islamic world. Turkish President Recep Erdogan warned Trump that that recognising Jerusalem as the Israeli capital was a “red line” for Muslims. He had also threatened to sever diplomatic ties if the announcement went ahead. The status of the Holy City is a contentious issue in the Middle East peace process. Israel has always claimed Jerusalem as its capital while Palestinians demand that annexed East Jerusalem becomes the capital of a future Palestinian state.


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