Turkey: Feeding stations give hope for stray animals in Konya during corona crisis

Dozens of feeding stations for stray animals have been set up across Konya Metropolitan Municipality, as animals face a hard time finding food during lockdowns while the world is fighting the coronavirus pandemic. Footage filmed on Tuesday shows stray dogs drinking and eating at one of these stations. Images of the puppies and dogs at an animal shelter could also be seen in the video. The... Еще feeding initiative is carried out by Konya Metropolitan Municipality with the help of animal activists who regularly leave food and water for street animals and birds at the feeding stations. The closure of restaurants and cafes, eateries and roadside stalls, has massively affected stray animals as many of them survived on garbage and waste from outlets. «Feeding animals has always been important but with the coronavirus crisis, the importance of this initiative has even increased,» said Ahmet Bilgic, spokesperson for Konya Metropolitan Municipality. «So far, we have left 50 tons of food in these feeding stations during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic,» he explained. Bilgic also commented on the municipality's project of converting food waste to animal feed. The first tests of recycling leftovers have been completed successfully, according to the official, and mass production is planned as soon as businesses and factories reopen. The leftovers collected from large businesses or factories will be turned into food and distributed to street animals throughout Konya,» said Hulya Ucar, an animal lover and volunteer. «I hope this project will set an example for other municipalities and they'll organise the same project. This would mean such a benefit for all street animals throughout Turkey,» she added.

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