Turkey: Erdogan warns Iraqi Kurds would go hungry if Ankara imposes sanctions

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan threatened retaliation after the Iraqi Kurdish referendum, warning that Iraqi Kurds would go hungry if Ankara were to impose sanctions and «close the oil taps», in a televised address, in Ankara, Tuesday. The Turkish president stressed that Iraqi Kurds «will be left in the lurch when we start imposing our sanctions», adding that «it will be over when we close the... Еще oil taps, all [their] revenues will vanish, and they will not be able to find food when our trucks stop going to northern Iraq». Erdogan noted that both economic sanctions and military initiatives were on the table. He went on to say that the referendum, if put in place, would lack «legitimacy» and that Iraqi Kurds would be incapable of forming a state. «They don't have an idea on how to be a state. They think that they are a state just by saying it. This can't and won't happen,» argued the Turkish leader. The independence referendum took place on 25 September, with initial results indicating an overwhelming «yes» vote for independence. It drew strong criticism and opposition by Baghdad, Iran and Turkey. Erdogan's statement came as Iraqi and Turkish troops began joint military drills in Habur, near Turkey's border with northern Iraq.


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