Turkey: Erdogan's victory claims turn into wild celebrations in Ankara

Incumbent Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan celebrated 'victory' in the snap presidential elections on Sunday with a speech to hundreds of thousands of his supporters in the capital of Ankara, despite official results not being announced until next Friday. According to the election authority chief, Erdogan won the presidential election in the first round, with a reported 52.62 percent of... Еще the vote although these figures are unofficial. His key political opponent Muharrem Ince is estimated to trailing behind on 30.76. Erdogan spoke briefly to a crowd of supporters from the balcony of his party headquarters. «Democracy is the real winner, our country is the winner. Every one of our 81 million citizens is a winner. I want to thank those who went to the polls today in this 'festival of democracy', which has had the highest turnout in the history of our nation,» he told the crowds.

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