Turkey: Erdogan calls Trump's 'deal of the century' an 'occupation project'

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan called US President Donald Trump's peace proposal for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict an «occupation project,» during the Anatolian Media Awards ceremony in Ankara, on Thursday. «'Deal of the century', what deal? This is an occupation project,» said Erdogan. «Shamelessly, tirelessly, they tell the world 'we are now bringing new rights to Palestine'. Leave... Еще these lies behind, who are you going to deceive?» «You can never change the fate of Palestine,» concluded the Turkish president, stressing that Jerusalem is Ankara's «redline.» On Tuesday, Trump unveiled his fabled 'deal of the century', a set of proposals to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, alongside Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu in Washington DC. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas rejected the plan with «a thousand no's,» as being one-sided in favour of Israel.


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