Turkey: Bursa's hospital uses contactless cabin for taking samples amid coronavirus pandemic

A contactless cabin for taking samples was donated to Bursa's hospital by one of the local automakers, as the country continues to fight the coronavirus pandemic, Wednesday. Footage filmed in Bursa City Hospital shows the cabin with special gloves attached to it. According to hospital's doctor, Ozlem Cetinkaya Aydin, the cabin was donated to a hospital by a «private car company.» She described... Еще the cabin, saying: «the front part of which [the cabin] is transparent and isolated after a patient or a person suspected of carrying a virus enters it. [The cabin] is designed so that medical personnel can perform the sampling process. This way, health care workers can take samples safely while after each use, the ultraviolet light system inside the cabin ensures that the next patient can not spread the virus within minutes.» Locals also praised the cabin for protecting human health. According to recent data published by Johns Hopkins University, Turkey has registered 38,226 coronavirus cases with 812 deaths.

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