Tunisia: Thousands celebrate 9th anniversary of revolution

Thousands of protesters gathered on Habib Bourguiba Avenue in Tunis to demand a change in the political system on the 9th anniversary of the revolution, on Tuesday. The celebration took place after Tunisia's parliament rejected a cabinet proposed by Ennahdha party which won the most of seats in October's election but failed to gain a majority. Footage shows people marching with Tunisian flags... Еще and chanting with banners. There have been mixed feelings about the anniversary with some protesters questioning the results of the revolution. «Where is the freedom? Where is the social justice? Where is the dignity?» said Ahmed Al-Rabhi, the sit-in coordinator of high-diploma and unemployed people. «The goals of the revolution have not yet been achieved. This thing is not clear to the Tunisian people, and in order to achieve these goals, it must work for more years to improve the situation in Tunisia.» said Osama Al-Sagheer, Al-Nahda Movement Deputy.

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