Tunisia: No Woman, No Fly! — Tunisians react to UAE travel ban on Tunisian women

Residents of Tunis expressed their opinions on Wednesday, about a temporary travel ban on Tunisian women entering the United Arab Emirates. «Why would I go to a country that won't accept me? If that is so, then it is better that we also impose a visa on the Emiratis,» stated one female resident of Tunis, with another adding that «This is an insult to the Tunisians.» «The operations are a farce... Еще and to prevent an Arab from visiting Arab countries is unacceptable and very unfortunate, while we see the Western world as an identity document going from country to country,» stated another man. Another resident called on the Tunisian state to «adhere to the right of the Tunisian women and force the UAE authorities to apologise,» with another Tunis resident adding that «We do not understand why they do not accept our women in their country and they have no justification for it. We live here with people from many countries and we have no problems.» The UAE imposed a brief travel ban on all female Tunisian passengers from entering the country or going through its territory on Friday, causing an uproar in the North African country and leading to Tunisian authorities banning all Emirates flights. Although the UAE gave no reason for the temporary travel ban, the ban is reportedly caused by fears over militant attacks.

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