Tunisia: Dozens call for dissolution of parliament in Le Bardo as COVID restrictions eased

Dozens of people rallied to demand the dissolution of Tunisia's House of People's Representatives in Le Bardo, on Sunday, amid a heavy police presence, as COVID-19 restrictions were further eased. Protesters carried banners and chanted slogans, as they called for a change to the country's political system and protested against the Bardo municipality's move to close the square close to parliament and block all access points. Activists were then forced to hold their rally in a square nearby. One participant said that the move to close the square was «a step towards an authoritarian regime and a Muslim Brotherhood system, a regime that wants to suppress the voice of the opposition, suppress freedom of expression and wants to suppress the voice of the other.» Another demonstrator referred to removing the influential Tunisian Parliament Speaker Rached Ghannouchi from office as «a national duty.» The rally was organised by the 'Third Republic Coalition,' an initiative including a number of organisations whose demands include a review of the constitution, the amendment of the election law, and an investigation of into the funding of parties and civil society organisations.

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