Tunisia: Blogger Amna Al-Sharqi slams court verdict over fake corona verses

Tunisian blogger Amna al-Sharqi on Tuesday slammed a court verdict as “a scandal towards the status of women» after the court sentenced the young woman to six months of prison over a social media post with a picture imitating a chapter of the Quran, Surah, with the satiric verses dedicated to coronavirus. «The verdict is a scandal for me. It is irrational to be accused of advocating hate among races which is irrelevant with the content of my post. Moreover, the judge has sentenced me to 6 months in prison and a fine. It is not reasonable to sentence me based on a post on Facebook in the country where freedom of expression prevails,» explained al-Sharqi speaking in Tunis. Emna​’s fiance, Mohammed al-Shawish commented on the verdict, saying: «We keep up with the same story and the principle in which we had started till the end. We sit back and speak, write, tell and defend the freedom of opinion and expression, and of Amna naturally. Amna should be free, therefore, we are now following up the case and defending until our last breath.» On Tuesday, a Tunisian court sentenced the 27-year-old blogger to six months in prison.

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