Trump worshipped as a God in Janagaon district

US President Donald Trump is being worshipped with the status of a deity for Bussa Krishna, 31-year old resident of Konne Village in the Janagaon district of India's Telangana state, who demonstrated his Trump-worshipping 'puja' rituals dedicated to the US leader on Monday. Krishna was seen prostrating in front of a shrine with Trump's photograph, as well as praying with some of his neighbours... Еще, who claim he has been doing this every single day for the past three years. Krishna's devotion goes to the extent of his parents leaving his home after not being able to see him worship Trump anymore, according to a neighbour. «My family and village people call me mad. Once they suggested I should visit a psychologist. I told them 'I don't require any, maybe you should go, because he is my God and I am not bothered about stuff others say,» said Krishna.

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