Trump doppelganger's hot dog business booms in Paraguay

Uptaciano Melgarejo, a Paraguayan hot dog seller who became famous for his resemblance to US President Donald Trump, shared his thoughts on how the president helped him to boost his business, in footage filmed on Wednesday in Estena. Melgarejo, a happy family man and a father of five, runs his own street food business, riding his motorcycle complete with a mobile kitchen for hot dogs. «I once... Еще had an idea, that if I put up a poster of President Donald Trump I would become more famous, and that's how it happened,» explained Melgarejo. Paraguayan Trump attracts customers through offering to stand in photos with them. Despite the similarities, Melgarejo noted that he and his famous twin are not that alike. «He has everything, I have nothing, I only look like him, but I would like to take a real photo with Donald Trump,» concluded Melgarejo.

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