Trump and Putin caricaturised as 'ninot' dolls in Valencia

The Ninot Exhibition opened its doors in the City of Arts in Valencia on Friday, showcasing more than 700 satirical dolls, known locally as «ninots», many of which depict world leaders in humorous poses. US President Donald Trump, Russian President Vladimir Putin and deposed Catalan President Carles Puigdemont were among the various caricatures that could be seen. The «Ninot» is just a small... Еще part of a bigger sculpted scene, the «falla». Exhibition coordinator Marcos Soriano explained that a «falla» is «one of the figures that represent those scenes, in which we find criticism, satire, wit and grace». Visitors vote for the best «ninot», and the winner will escape the inevitable destiny of all the others: being burnt during the traditional Fallas celebration on March 19. The sculptures are created for the commemoration of Saint Joseph, which takes place annually in Valencia, at the end of March. The 'Fallas' are paraded through the streets, before being set alight at the culmination of the festival.

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