Truck driver 'paints' masterpieces with road grit on semi-trailer canvases

Truck driver and artist Arnulfo Gonzalez works on an unusual canvas: the back of his dirty truck. Footage filmed in Hacienda Heights on Friday shows Gonzalez at work. The artist does not use any tools other than wipes, paper towels, and the grease on his truck. The 48-year-old occasionally uses a brush to apply grime. Gonzalez is currently working on an eagle to celebrate the fourth of July... Еще. He said he paints to see «people's reaction.» He added that his works of art are quite well received by drivers on the freeway. «They were honking, they were taking videos, it was amazing because they would catch up to me and give me thumbs up,» recounted Gonzalez. The truck driver said he has received commissions and hopes to one day stop driving and support himself exclusively through his art. «I've been offered trucks to paint, I've been offered sponsorships, I've been offered walls and commissions too, and hopefully in the future I plan to stop driving and now start doing my art full time if I am able to support myself,» He said. Gonzalez studied arts but abandoned his career to make a living as a truck driver. He first started using his truck as a canvas in 2006, while waiting at a warehouse for his cargo.

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