Trove of bones! Remains of 1.5 million-year-old animals discovered in Crimea

The bones of about 20 ancient animal species who lived approximately 1.5 million years ago were found in the Crimean cave as shown in the footage filmed on September 20 in Sevastopol. Describing the discovered remains officer of the Crimean Federal University Zoological Museum Dmitri Startsev said that they mostly belong to big animals such as elephants, ostriches, rhinos and predatory species... Еще which are hyena, Deninger’s bear, dogs, saber-toothed tiger. “We found remains of at least four saber-toothed cats. One of them was young with baby teeth, little tiger, the three others were elder. All the remains have saved as fragments and include parts of skulls, some teeth, several parts of skeletons,” he said. The cave itself which length exceeds one km was discovered this past summer during the road construction works near the Zuya village in the Belogorsky District. The experts say the cave's discovery is a landmark event since it has a unique trove of bones belonging to animal which lived before the Ice Age.

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