«Transformer» forged from Soviet-era cars set to wow Odessans

Ukrainian handyman Alexander Milov unveiled his latest creation, Transformers-like 'Ukrobot', built from two legendary Soviet ZAZ Zaporozhets cars, in Odessa, Tuesday. Milov recounted that his team originally wanted to make a buggy out the Zaporozhets remains; however, during the assembly they realised that «the components were not of an ordinary Zaporozhets» and that after some time the... Еще creation «was turning not into a car but into some sort of space creature.» According to Milov, a four-metre (13.12 feet) tall Ukrobot is the grandfather of Bumblebee, an Autobot from the Transformers franchise. Milov noted that 'Ukrobot' «will soon go on display and will prove that the history of the Autobots and Transformers began not in America, but in Odessa. Here, on Zhevakhova Mountain.» 'Ukrobot' was first presented at the FEST MRII art festival, which took place in the country at the beginning of July, and will soon adorn one of Odessa's central squares.
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