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You're watching the Main Daily Trading Signals for Wednesday. Here's how the technicals compare with the interbank at 8 AM GMT. First up is the Euro/Dollar with 6 and 5 bearish models on its 1 and 4-hour charts, respectively. The 24-hour scale brings 5 neutral models, but, in contrast, the interbank is bullish at more than 19% long. The Cable sees 6 neutral indicators in the short-term. The mid... Еще-term is mostly bullish, and the daily outlook is split between red and neutral models. The interbank is neutral at less than 7% short, and it supports the 1-hour models. Dollar/Yen is overwhelmingly bullish in the short-term. The mid-term scale brings 5 neutral models, and the daily chart turns bearish with 5 studies, in line with the more than 25% short interbank. Green signals prevail on Pound/Yen's 1 and 4-hour charts. The 24-hour scale turns red with 6 indicators, but the technicals are not confirmed by the interbank, which is neutral at less than 13% short. And Euro/Yen's hourly chart is split between buy and neutral prompts. The mid-term is mostly neutral, and the long-term scale sees 5 bearish signals, matching the more than 26% short interbank. I'm Sam Meredith and you've been watching the Primary Daily Trading Signals for Wednesday. Our updates team will be providing you with the latest stats throughout the day, so check back.

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