Tomato-battle paints the streets of Bunol red at 72nd edition of «La Tomatina»

Thousands of people attended the 72nd edition of «La Tomatina,» a celebration that features a huge tomato-throwing battle on the village streets of Bunol, on Wednesday. Participants pelted each other with up to 160 tonnes of tomatoes loaded in trucks that drove around the city streets for an hour-long battle. Security measures were tightened, following the recent attacks in Barcelona and... Еще Cambrils, with 740 officers deployed in the Spanish town along with several agents of the Civil Guard. «La Tomatina» started in 1945, after a group of local youths brawled in the street during a folk festival, seizing tomatoes from a greengrocer's stall and throwing them at one another. The festival attracts many tourists from around the world.

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