Tokyo's World Robots Summit gives us a glimpse into the future

The World Robot Summit 2018 kicked off in Tokyo on Wednesday, exhibiting robotic technology for the present and future, as well as a robotics competition. Among the robots was a 'third arm' which was presented by student Koki Nakabayashi, who predicted that «in the near future the final goal for us is to, not only about arms but also additional legs or additional eyes.» Another exhibitor... Еще, pointed out the development in the technology of robots, saying: «The Omron robots now can move around and the easy tasks can be done by it and not by the human beings.» The summit is taking place until October 21, and offers up to JPY 100 milllion (USD 892,000) in prize money. The five-day event is set to host 134 international participants from countries such as the United States, China and South Korea.

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