Tokyo Cat-Cafe provides PURRFECT healing for Christmas blues

A cat cafe in Tokyo encouraged guests to talk about their life problems and pet their cats to help relieve some of their burden, Monday. The guests at the Boku to Neko cafe are welcome to play with the cats and pet them, but also to engage in a conversation with the staff, during which they're encouraged to share what's bothering them. «[Guests can] talk to us about the wounds of their hearts... Еще, which will could not be healed by cats. Everybody gets the energy [from this activity], and it helps your tomorrow, then they go home,» said employee Sarina Tsuchiya. «There are both girls [cafe staff] and cats so, you know, when I find myself needing to talk to someone or I need to clear my mind, I come here. Isn't it such a good place for humans that need a companion?» asked Mukaiyama Hiroki, a guest. A 10 minute stay in the cafe would cost ¥300 (€2; $2.37). Up to 15 cats, aged from several months to 3 years old, are available for guests to play with.
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