Tokyo aquarium reopens with 'basin type' jellyfish tank to bring visitors closer to nature

The Sumida Aquarium in Tokyo has started to welcome visitors after a period of renovation on Wednesday. The aquarium reopened with a large «basin type» tank which that hosts over 500 jellyfish. Aquarium manager Yusuke Nakamura, noted that they aim for visitors to develop close ties with creatures by removing the barriers between jellyfish and visitors. ''We are making various efforts under the concept of 'if you approach more, you will like them more'. We want our visitors to have familiarity and attachment to living things/creatures and the aquarium itself,'' Nakamura said. Along with hundreds of jellyfish, the Sumida Aquarium shelters other sea creatures and has a lab in the same complex. In the breeding area of the aquarium, people can witness the breeding processes of jellyfish. ''By seeing the breeding work, people can feel a sense of love or attachment to the creatures, and a sense of unity between the visitors and the breeding staff,'' Nakamura added.

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