'To Berlin!' — Watch tank salvagers restore WWII war machines

The Yakushev family from Belarus is in the business of restoring decade-old Soviet and German tanks, footage filmed in Minsk on Saturday shows. Vladimir Yakushev and his two sons are the most famous 'tank-hunters' in Belarus. According to him, 20 years ago Vladimir Yakushev was working as a collective farm engineer and was asked to find and lift up a tank that had been stuck in the swamp since... Еще 1942. Today, Vladimir works as the chief mechanic and renovator in a historic and cultural complex called the 'Stalin Line' near the country's capital, Minsk. He and his sons have taken dozens of armoured vehicles since then and restored almost every single one of them to running condition. Alexander Mikalutski, specialist in renovation in the Yakushevs team, mentioned that the Soviet BT-7 tank restored by them is the only machine of its kind «in running condition» left in the world. He went on to say that the tank took part in the parade «dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the tank building industry in Russia.» Alexei Yakushev, specialist in renovation and son of Vladimir, said that their dream is «to find original military equipment of the Great Patriotic war times» and «restore it, so that it would be something to show to the future generations.»

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