'Tireless' ambulance caught driving on three wheels in Komi

Witnesses could not help but admire the determination of paramedics in Russia’s Komi Republic on Saturday, January 6 as they saw what they thought were paramedics desperately trying to attend a call out, despite their ambulance losing a rear wheel along the way. Caught on dashcam by a fellow driver, the UAZ Bukhanka, manufactured in 2015 and last serviced in 2017, can be seen driving down a snow... Еще-covered road in the republic’s Udorsky Distrcit, the lack of a rear wheel not appearing to slow the vehicle down much. Fortunately, as clarified by the Komi Republic’s Ministry of Health, another ambulance (presumably with all four wheels in place) was able to attend the emergency. However, to add insult to injury, there were no trucks in the area able to tow the vehicle and the ambulance was forced to limp to the garage on three wheels, which is when it was caught on camera.

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