Tiny roadside pop-up gym capsules help beat bulge in China

Tiny mini gym capsules equipped with a single treadmill, air conditioning and TV screen housed within five square meters are helping people in China’s capital of Beijing get in shape Friday. The workout pods, which have no staff and are accessed via an App 24-hours a day, can play music, movies and even allow users to check their email while burning calories. The fat-busting concept was... Еще first introduced on National Fitness Day on August 8 and has since been expanded across the capital in areas where larger gyms are scarce. One man using the gym’s facilities in the warmth said: “It’s too cold to run outside during the winter.” Every 5 minutes cost one yuan (€ 0.13 / $ 0.15), meaning that one hour of running would cost around $2 (€ 1.66).

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