Time to tie the knot! Mexican women marry trees

A group of Mexican women were led to the altar by Peruvian activist Richard Torres to exchange their vows and tie the knot with trees, in San Jacinto Amilpas on Sunday. Brides were dressed in traditional wedding gowns as they approached their tree-grooms to share a kiss. One of the brides, Andrea Tanant explained her reasons for marrying the tree: « I thought it was very interesting the fact... Еще, the commitment we have not only with this tree, but with all nature, and how much we have already damaged this, so I decided to come to see the ritual and commit myself in the same way.» Torres has performed similar ceremonies throughout the world, in 17 countries in total, and has himself married several trees. The first was reportedly in Argentina in 2013. While the ceremonies are not legally binding, the symbolic weddings are based on traditional Inca customs. Torres performs the ceremonies to generate awareness about deforestation and to promote care of environmental issues.

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