This SEX ROBOT can laugh at your jokes and wash your dishes too!

SOT, Qiao Wu, Chief Development Officer of EXDOLL: «She can search for answers on the internet when she connect to WiFi and answer question just like phone, like Siri or something. This is the same system. So next step we want to put all the functions together. When we ask questions, she can give us feedback or react with facial emotions.» SOT, Robot Sex doll (Mandarin): «Are you one of the... Еще legendary chatterboxes?» [meaning — are you one of those men who can't shut up] SOT, Qiao Wu, Chief Development Officer of EXDOLL: «She can communicate like a real person, that’s what we’re working on right now.» Chinese Dalian-based company EXDOLL exhibited their latest smart sex robot, able to make small talk with its user, turn on the dishwasher and offer physical comfort, in their hometown of Dalian, Wednesday. The company plans to release the robotic sex dolls later in the year. Each year, EXDOLL produces around 5,000 customised dolls, priced from 4,000 to 20,000 yuan (around $650 to $3,200). They are sold both locally and overseas. The customers are mainly men aged 20 to 60, but around 10 percent of all dolls are bought by women. EXDOLL plans to add more AI functions to its products in the future and create a humanoid robot that can serve people, including designs for an intelligent housekeeper, an educational robot, a robot to accompany the elderly or a company receptionist or marketing representative.

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