This next generation e-skin may just revolutionise the way we exercise forever

Japanese company Xenoma showed off its first mass produced e-skin from Tokyo on Wednesday, a machine washable t-shirt with electric sensors that could revolutionise health technology for the home. The e-skin is equipped with a unified monitoring sensor system that can keep check your breathing rate, blood pressure, and body temperature, while also closely monitoring your movement. The body... Еще-fitting device, which can be put on like a common-or-garden t-shirt, incorporates an impressive 14 strain sensors that monitor your every twist, bend and stretch. Xenoma’s CEO Ichiro Ami explained from the company’s Tokyo offices that the idea was to “integrate so many of the wearable devices into one shirt … And then once we can make a threadable electric circuit which is robust enough and machine washable, … we can enter all kinds of the available sensors into just one system.» Ami went on to say that aside from gaming, the e-skin could be used for home-based fitness programmes, utilising gaming technology for the purpose of improving people’s health, making exercise eat home more fun.
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