This dinosaur-egg module could help people survive an earthquake

A velociraptor egg-shaped capsule could help save people's lives in the event of a big earthquake, according to Mexican engineer Reynaldo Vela, who showcased the design in Mexico City on Tuesday, nearly a year after an earthquake in Central Mexico left 370 people dead. The K107 capsule, which is made of materials used in the aerospace industry, contains oxygen, a food bank and shock absorbers... Еще, and is designed to help people survive for up to 30 days. A GPS system would help rescuers locate the chamber under the rubble. The unusual shape provides greater stability, as Vela explained. «A velociraptor-egg shape resists much more than any existing geometric structure for a reason: it has hidden edges.» «The capsule is designed to withstand a future big earthquake from the Guerrero seismic gap, that we estimate can be 9.3 in magnitude,» said Vela. Four different models will be available on the market, but so far Vela's team is working on three. «The basic for one person, for two, and the public for 30 people,» the last of which is touted for use in schools.

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