This 24/7 oyster vending machine will feed your desires

Oyster-lovers can now buy boxes of the salt-water delicacy at any time of the day or night following the recent opening of a 24-hour oyster vending machine on Ile de Re, as seen in the town of Ars-en-Re on Thursday.The machine was installed after customers voiced their disappointment at the restrictive opening times of Brigitte and Tony Berthelot's oyster store. Oyster farmer Tony Berthelot... Еще explained, «people always arrive when the shop door is closed, which is frustrating for customers and for us.» He added, «we contacted a manufacturer who responded and who fitted a [vending] machine for oysters since it is a particular product that is not very restrictive but requires some adjustments."The oysters are reportedly replaced daily to ensure their freshness, while customers can also buy foodstuffs such as lemon and fish soup to accompany the delicacy. The lowest price for a box of 24 oysters is €13 ($15.17).

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