The most American thing ever? CocaCola stadium hosts National Buffalo Wing Festival

Competitive eater Joey Chestnut held his title as chicken wing champion at the National Buffalo Wing Festival, which was held at the CocaCola field in Buffalo, Sunday. As a massive crowd set their eyes on the speed-eating contestants, Chestnut gulped down 220 wings in 12 minutes, winning the champion's title for the third time in a row. Last year, Chestnut ate 188 wings in the same amount of... Еще time. «It's a great contest, and I feel good going into it,» said the champion. «I felt a really good rhythm,» he added after being proclaimed the winner of the competition. On July 4, 2017, Chestnut won the annual hot dog eating competition in Cony Island, swallowing 72 hot dog buns over a timespan of 10 minutes.

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