The Hooters of hair salons turns — and styles — heads in Lima

Scantily clad hairdressers in a Lima hair salon have found a new way to gain customers in face of the crisis brought by COVID, by styling hair and shaving heads while wearing nothing but underwear, tank tops and mini-shorts. Sexy stylists Anita Marlo, Carla Rodriguez and Dayana 'La Chama' Martin are seen cutting hair while moving to the music at Lima's Scissor's hair salon, located in the Rimac district. «The girls the Scissor's team and I decided 'why we don’t dress this way.' And to be honest, it worked,» said salon owner Anita Marlo, after recounting how she had to close three other Scissor's premises across Lima because of the pandemic. «Now more customers are arriving, thank goodness.» «It is not like wow, how crazy. No. We can see this in cafes in other countries,» said La Chama. «I don't know if you can here, but in other countries you can see cafes where they serve people while wearing their mini shorts, their little tops.» «I believe that we must accept and love ourselves first of all. That is what will give us security. That is the beauty of women,» said Rodriguez. *Note: Music in the file may be subject to copyright*

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