'The confined' — Discarded batch of cheese becomes post-lockdown sensation

Cheese producers from the French commune of Saulxures-sur-Moselotte, accidentally came up with a new type of cheese during the COVID-19 lockdown, which has since become their top-selling item, as seen in footage from Saturday. During the confinement, Lionel Vaxelaire and his wife, saw their sales plummet and many unsold products were left in the cellar. As the lockdown started, the Vaxelaires found themselves with nearly sixty Munster cheeses unsold. They then decided to leave them in the cellar untouched, only to find out a month later that a new variety of cheese was born: chalky inside, with a greyish, mottled flowery rind. «'Le confine' became the star of post-confinement, this moment since... this month of June, but it's true that at first we had a difficult period,» said Lionel Vaxelaire. «One specific batch, we started to turn into Munster, but we put it aside and stopped dealing with it for lack of time because we needed to focus on orders and home deliveries after the lockdown,» explained Laura, his wife. «This batch of cheese remained a bit isolated in the maturing room, without washing and reversal that we usually do on Munster before the crust turns orange. So this one made itself, isolated in a corner of the cellar.» The cheese, born out of the forced quarantine, was then named 'Le confine', or the confined.

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