The city that sometimes sleeps — NYC blackout leaves Manhattan in the dark

America's city of shining lights was left cloaked in darkness after a blackout hit on Friday evening. Locals and tourists alike flooded onto the streets in order to stay safe during the outage, which has left 72,000 in Manhattan without power. Emergency services were on hand to provide reassurance. One woman explained that she had been looking for somewhere to eat when the power outage hit. «As... Еще you can see, there's no power anywhere, no businesses have power,» she said. «It's kind of crazy. I guess the safest place to be is in the middle of the road. Wish you would you say that in New York City?» A transformer explosion is believed to be behind the massive power outage. It comes on the anniversary of a 1977 blackout, which lasted 25 hours and saw citywide looting and criminal activity.

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