Thailand: 'The most difficult situation in the world' — governor on cave rescue op

Chiang Rai Governor Narongsak Osatanakon described the ongoing operation to rescue members of a youth football team and their coach from a cave in northern Thailand, as «the most difficult situation in the world,» at a press conference from Mae Sai on Saturday. «Many dive teams that have come to help in the rescue can reach only the 3rd chamber and cannot go any further,» he said. «This is the... Еще most difficult situation in the world,» he added. He went on to describe the difficulties of drilling through the roof of the cave. «Teams are searching for shafts and still drilling all the time. 18 shafts out of 100 are potential shafts for drilling to 400 metres,» he said. «The technology we ask for doesn’t exist to help us find the exact location of the children’s cave,» he added. Osatanakon also described the dangers of the quality of air in the cave deteriorating any further, saying, «if the level of oxygen drops to less than 12 percent then the brain will be slowed down and they [those in the cave] would go into a coma.» Multinational and local emergency responders are preparing to extract the 13 members of the football team trapped in the Tham Luang Caves. While it was initially assumed that the children could remain in the underground complex for a longer period of time, rescue operations are being intensified in order to save their lives before oxygen runs out. The team of 12 boys and their 25-year-old coach entered the cave as part of an excursion but became trapped after a sudden, continuous downpour of rain flooded the underground area. They were found alive after a 10-day operation carried out by Thai forces and international rescue teams.

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