Thailand: Stability in the South China Sea is a 'common wish' — China FM Wang

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said that ensuring peace and stability in the South China Sea region was a shared responsibility of China and its ASEAN partners, while speaking at a press conference at the 52nd ASEAN Foreign Ministers' meeting in Bangkok on Wednesday. He addressed the audience saying that Beijing and the members of ASEAN were considering the establishment of regular joint drills... Еще in the South China Sea and expanding military cooperation in the region, but warned that historical disputes could still result in friction. Following the announcement of progress on the negotiations of the Code of Conduct (COC) in the South China Sea on Wednesday, he added: «There is a high-level shared consensus between China and the relevant countries, that is we all need to follow article four of the DOC: the specific dispute should be peacefully resolved by the countries [directly concerned] through negotiation.» Southeast Asian foreign ministers and representatives are meeting at the annual ASEAN Foreign Ministers' Meeting and Related Meetings in the Thai capital, to discuss about promoting a wider trade integration and defusing security tensions in the region. Other topics include the China-US trade war and security concerns in the Korean peninsula. The summit is also playing host to a number of foreign ministers from key partners, including Wang Yi, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

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