Thailand: Protesters rally outside German embassy to demand probe into king’s activities

Anti-government demonstrators marched on the German embassy in Bangkok on Monday, to demand a probe into Thai King Maha Vajiralongkorn, on the grounds that he had conducted state affairs from Germany. «I have kids, too. Young ones. I don't want to see my kids growing up in a place like this. So, if we can fight, if we can support, we do. That's why you see a lot of people here. Stand by the young people,» said one protester. «We need to do something, because if you just keep silent, in the future if you are a pacifist towards the government they're gonna use force on you anyway. So we need to speak up to change something,» commented another demonstrator. Anti-government activists presented the embassy with an open letter, in which they asked for the German to lead an investigation into whether the Thai king exercised sovereignty on German soil. On Monday, German Foreign Minister Heikko Maas said that Berlin is continuing to look into the behaviour of the Thai king over his lengthy stays in Bavaria.

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