Thailand: Drone captures base camp to cave where 12 boys trapped

Farihan, birds nest climber (Thai): «I have to wait for an order. We only found the trail.» Farihan, birds nest climber (Thai): «I don’t know because I’m not familiar with this area. I just followed soldiers leading towards the hole. Then we got in and began our survey.» Reporter, (Thai): «Are they aborting the mission at this moment?» Farihan, birds nest climber (Thai): «Yes, we will... Еще continue it tomorrow» Reporter, (Thai): «Will it be the same spot?» Farihan, birds nest climber (Thai): «I still have to wait for a decision from the higher up.» Emergency officers continued their ongoing operation to rescue members of a youth football team and their coach from a cave in Mae Sai in northern Thailand on Saturday. One of the rescuers, Farihan said that the operation would continue tomorrow. While it was initially assumed that the children could remain in the underground complex for a longer period of time, rescue operations are being intensified in order to save their lives before oxygen runs out. The team of 12 boys and their 25-year-old coach entered the cave as part of an excursion but became trapped after a sudden, continuous downpour of rain flooded the underground area. They were found alive after a 10-day operation carried out by Thai forces and international rescue teams.

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