Taekwondo teacher creates women-safety grenade to fight crime against women in India

She could easily protect herself at all times. But Rachna Rajendra Chaurasia, a 7th-degree black belt in Taekwondo, wanted to help out her peers. Hence the Women Safety Device, a 'hand grenade' she developed, that can be used in an emergency to alert the police or call family members for help. She displayed its functions in Delhi on Thursday. When activated in an emergency situation, the device will send out the location of the person in danger to its emergency numbers stored in the hand grenade. The grenade has a SIM card that can secure up to 10 numbers. It also contains helpline and police numbers in addition to the contact numbers of the family members. Seeing the rising crime against women especially in Delhi, Rachna, wanted to develop an easy-to-use device to help women in distress. «All over the world, why is crime rate day by day increasing? Day by day you see in India or abroad, every day you read in some country or India that there are good numbers, every state. So looking at that, I thought this will be able to help the females,» said Rachna. The device also has a firing trigger the loud sound of which can be heard up to a kilometre away. The firing sound catches everyone's attention and people can easily reach the woman in distress.

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