TAEK-WONDER KID! 12-y-o Cali girl shows off monumental martial arts mastery

A 12-year-old San Diego girl who happens to also be a 11 time world taekwondo champion showed off her kick-tastic martial arts prowess on Thursday, in the gym where she's been training since early childhood. Martial arts maven Channah Zeitung could be seen showcasing an impressive flurry of kicks, jabs and sword strikes as she honed her talents in San Diego's 'Church's Martial Arts' dojo. «I've practiced since I was two and a half. It went from an hour a day, to two hours a day and now to four to six hours a day,» explained the tween talent, who also works as a junior instructor in her dojo. Channah expressed how she wants the best for her young students — aged two to seven and affectionately nicnamed 'the tigers' — and could be seen teaching them a variety of bone-busting moves. Aside from being a taekwondo wonder, Channah disclosed her big dream of becoming an actress who will incorporate martial arts in her craft. ''Martial arts come with so many skills like discipline, mindset, mentality,'' explained the little champ before revealing her penchant for classic 1984 coming of age flick 'Karate Kid.'

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