Syrian refugee gives hair the AXE in his Brasilia barbershop!

Ammar Kalsh has become an internet sensation in Brazil after being filmed using an axe and hammer to cut people's hair, in footage taken from his barbershop in Ceilandia, Brasilia on Wednesday. The Syrian refugee, who originally comes from Damascus, honed his unusual technique on a very brave friend. He has since become a local celebrity after a video he published went viral. Kalsh dismissed... Еще the inherent dangers of using such a hazardous blade saying, «People were telling me that I was going to hurt people by doing this, but I trained for it. So I went ahead and it became a success.» The owner of Kalash Barbearia fled Syria in 2014 with only the clothes on his back and R$100 (US $30.30) to his name. In a real rags to riches story, Kalsh managed to save enough money to open a barbershop, containing a pool table and a bar. However, his dream is to reunite his family, who are split between Ceilandia and Berlin. Let's hope Kalsh has no axe to grind, otherwise he could end up becoming the new Sweeney Todd of Brazil's capital.

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