Syrian refugee art expert gives back to community with free Berlin museum tours

The state museums in Berlin celebrated 'Berlin Says Thank You' day with free guided tours at the Pergamon Museum on Saturday afternoon. Volunteer guide Bachar Alcahin, an expert on the art and history of Mesopotamia during the Babylonian and Assyrian periods, gives tours in Arabic, English, and German every other Saturday. Alcahin says being among the artefacts at the Pergamon Museum reminds him... Еще of his homeland Syria, which he had to flee 7 years ago due to the ongoing military conflict. Since September 2015, Alcahin has lived in Berlin and has become an active part of many organisations, in support of intercultural exchange between Berliners and foreigners. Before he left his home country, Alcahin was the director of several museums in Syria. About a dozen visitors took the free offer to learn more about the permanent exhibition in the Pergamon's 'Near Eastern Museum'.

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