Syria: We are here 'for the Turks' — SDF soldiers at US base in Manbij

Journalist (Arabic): «In your opinion, do you think that the US is going to help Turkey or Erdogan in attacking Afrin, or shall it stand against Turkey if it made an aggression against Manbij?» 'Sheikh of the Mountain', SDF Fighter (Arabic): «I expect they will not change their minds, they are 100 percent determined. They established the bases, it is not a joke, not a fluctuation of the mind... Еще. They are steadfast, and they are enhancing their forces more and more. There are heavy weapons and there are weapons that can encounter all the available weapons.» Journalist (Arabic): «so, in case of a Turkish attack over Manbij, would the American forces or the International Coalition join your forces in combating the Turkey and Euphrates Shield?» 'Sheikh of the Mountain', SDF Fighter (Arabic): «Yes of course, for sure.» Two Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) soldiers positioned in a new American base in Manbij confirmed they are working in coordination with Washington against Turkish operations in the area. «The Coalition is here for the Turks», one soldier, known as 'the Sheikh of the Mountain', said. Footage reportedly shows an American base, marked by their flags, camouflage netting and armored vehicles. According to several reports published this week, the United States troops are building new positions near the front line. The one in Manbij is one of the closest to the Syrian-Turkish border. The second SDF soldier commented on the militants being evacuated from Eastern Ghouta, stating «they are withdrawing all the forces from all over Syria to mobilise them on the Sajoor front, we don’t know if this is to invade Manbij.» Over the last two weeks, US President Donald Trump announced that the US would leave Syria by the end of the year, asking strategic partners to fill the gap. He also said that the decision could be reversed, if Saudi Arabia decides to provide financial support for the coalition’s military operations.

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