Syria: Volunteers begin clearing rubble in Yarmouk refugee camp

Groups of volunteers were seen cleaning up the rubble in the Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp in south Damascus on Friday, which has been severely damaged during the seven-year conflict in Syria. Ongoing reconstruction works are supervised by the Syrian government. After the rubble is removed from the streets, authorities plan to start restoring electricity, water and other infrastructure... Еще. «The scale of destruction in Yarmouk Camp is huge, we can't estimate it. It includes the infrastructure, buildings, and massive destruction,» said one of the volunteers. «We are working with the minimum resources the team has. We are working on the post-reconstruction period of Yarmouk Camp, [that includes] the restoration of life necessities of the camp, health centres and education,» another volunteer said. The Yarmouk camp was once home to some 160,000 residents, including both Palestinian refugees and Syrians, but became the scene of intense fighting as the conflict in Syria kicked off, reducing most of the area to rubble. The area was overrun by so-called Islamic State (IS; formerly ISIS/ISIL) militants in 2015, who held the area until the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) retook the neighborhood in May 2018, defeating the last pocket of IS militants in the capital.

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