Syria: Vehicles destroyed, debris scattered in wake of deadly Turkish shelling

Vehicles were destroyed, with debris scattered around the area, after Turkey attacked a convoy heading to the Afrin enclave through the al-Ziyara crossing, as seen in footage capturing the aftermath on Friday morning. Buses and cars with reportedly civilians on board heading from Syrian cities of Kobane and Qamishli to support Kurds in Afrin, were targeted by the Turkish military on Thursday... Еще night. At least one person was killed and scores injured in the attack. People were rushed to the nearby hospitals, and those injured claimed that the convoy was purely civilian. Earlier, the Turkish Ministry of Defence released aerial footage of its forces' airstrike. The Turkish military said in a statement that they had destroyed the convoy of several dozen vehicles as it was carrying equipment and weapons to fighters in Afrin, according to reports. But other media reports say the convoy was carrying aid and civilians.

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