Syria: US-led coalition watching Kurds 'bleed' — Kobane outraged by Turkish Afrin op

Residents of the Kurdish-dominated Syrian city of Kobane took to the streets on Sunday, to protest against the ongoing Turkish operation «Olive Branch» in Afrin and denounce the stance of the US-led coalition on the campaign. Kobane resident Araz Abdul Rahman said that the US-led coalition «is watching the [Kurdish] people bleed. The time shall come where its stance will be affected, and they... Еще will support the Kurdish people.» Protester, Zohair Ammor, argued that «the stance of the US and the nations of the [international] coalition is very weak. It does not meet the sacrifices made by the martyrs of Rojava or the peoples of Northern Syria. I think this weak position is a result of geostrategic interests that the US and Turkey share.» Another protester, Buzan Hami, claimed that the US is not a reliable ally for the Kurds, adding that «the Kurdish people have got no friends. They depend on themselves. The US might be our friend today and our enemy tomorrow.» On January 20, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan launched the military operation into Syria dubbed 'Olive Branch' targeting Kurdish 'terrorists' across the border. Turkey views the Kurdish YPG militia, which is active in northern Syria, as an extension of the banned militant group the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK).

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