Syria: «Unacceptable for Zionist regime to violate Syria» — Iranian military chief

Iran's military chief of staff Mohammad Bagheri underlined that Iran would not tolerate any violations of Syrian territory from Israeli forces, speaking at the press briefing in Damascus on Wednesday. Bagheri said that, «It's not acceptable for the Zionist regime to violate the land and airspace of Syria anytime it wants». He expressed solidarity with the Syrian military, saying that Iran will... Еще, «stand by the side of the Syrian military and nation against such threats.» «We believe that each country and each armed force that wants to enter any other countries should get permission and enter this country with an invitation of the host country and we disagree with anyone entering without this permission and cooperation,» concluded Bagheri. On Monday, Israel responded to the attack by targeting a Syrian government anti-aircraft missile launcher 50km (31 miles) east of Damascus.

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