Syria: Turkish army and FSA troops engage in combat in Afrin suburbs

Footage filmed on Tuesday allegedly showed the Free Syrian Army (FSA), allied with the Turkish army, engaging in combat in the village of Qarah Bash (Kocakirin) on the outskirts of Afrin city, as Turkish Armed Forces recently claimed they have surrounded the city with the aid of the FSA. This marks a significant advance in the Turkish government's 'Olive Branch' offensive on the north-western... Еще Syrian Kurdish enclave of Afrin. «As of March 12, the centre of Afrin has been surrounded and areas of critical importance for further operations have been captured,» the Turkish military said in a statement on Tuesday, March 13. The Turkish-led 'Olive Branch' military operation against the People's Protection Units (YPG) Kurdish militants in Afrin was launched in January. The offensive is ongoing despite a UN-brokered ceasefire in the country and the international community's warnings of an urgent humanitarian crisis in the region.

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