Syria: Thousands protest against US sanctions in Damascus

Thousands of supporters of Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad rallied against US sanctions in western Damascus on Thursday. Footage shows demonstrators holding Syrian flags, anti-US banners and pictures of Assad, dancing and chanting. They condemned the latest American sanctions against Assad from the so-called Caesar Act. «Caesar's sanctions affect the financial health of the citizens, unlike all global sanctions. They affect even civilians meaning the punishment is against the people specifically. And this will affect first of all, access to medicines, secondly, infant formula, and thirdly everything that can be purchased from abroad and not manufactured at home​,» said Syrian journalist Yaroub Kheirbeik.​ The Caesar Act targeting businesses and officials financing the Syrian government is set to come into effect on June 17. ​ The rally in Damascus came after rare anti-government protests over worsening economic situation in the city of Suweida.

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