Syria: 'The shelling is targeting civilians' — Raqqa citizen stranded in IDP camp

Internally displaced people from Raqqa currently residing in nearby Ain Issa camp relayed stories of coalition air raids on the city. Local reports state that white phosphor was used in the western part of Raqqa close to Mishleb, causing the death of 17 civilians. «The shelling is targeting the civilians, it is the aircrafts, the coalition», said one person. «It shells the civilians. Four-storey... Еще houses of people were all bombed over in our neighbourhood. For sure many have died. One of them is my cousin, he died in Raqqa by an airplane.» The latest coalition operation in Raqqa destroyed Al-Mowasat Hospital, a facility used by the self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS; ISIS/ISIL) as a headquarters and prison.
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